What we do

We will send out checks on your behalf to relieve your financial burden a little. It's as simple as that. We welcome requests for assistance from ANYONE involved with the restaurant/service industry. Send us an email or a text, message us on Facebook and tell us what you need.  

We will request verification of current or recently former employment within the industry (pay stub, W2, email from your employer), and details about what you need. If you need a bill paid, send us a picture of the bill with your account number and where to send the check; if your rent is overdue put us in touch with your landlord; if you desperately need food tell us where your closest grocery store is. The more info we get, the faster we can help.

We're just getting started

On June 5, 2020 we sent out our first set of payments - a water bill, electric bill, overdue medical bill, car payment and a Big Fat Tip. We helped 4 individual people and started a wave of charitable giving.  Within the month of June, we raised almost $10,000, covered a month of car insurance, put food in a growing boy's belly and reached out to over 75 businesses in Southwest Florida to get our name to their employees.  We've only just begun!
Hospitality work is a privilege not a punishment
Pete genuinely believed that he belonged in this line of work. He had a knack for reading people and loved what he did There is NO reason to be ashamed of working in the restaurant industry. We believe that this is a worthy career and something to be proud of.
We give because we want to, not because we have to
Pete didn't pay our tabs because we couldn't, he did it because he wanted to. Pete gave for purely altruistic means; he wanted to take care of those that he loved. Pete left Big Fat Tips because he knew what it was like to be one night short of making rent and he wanted to give that love, always.

We see you
It's easy to feel forgotten in this line of work - who remembers the name of the server that brought the champagne the night you got engaged? Who remembers the waitress that took your picture when you were celebrating? 
We see you. We know you're there.
Put It On Pete's Tab, Inc.