Pete always said "when you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher wall." If you're here, you're probably questioning if you can take a seat at our table... Pull up a chair, that's what we're here for. 

Please do not be ashamed to be here; do not feel as though you're less than worthy, or somehow failing. We are living through a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis the US has ever seen (on top of the fact that hospitality workers weren't all that well taken care of to begin with). There is no shame, there is no judgement, just help. 
At this time we are ONLY able to assist those that are currently or recently in the hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, resorts).  We will be asking for documentation and verification so the more you can provide up front, the faster we can get help out to you.   

Please remember that we are a VERY SMALL organization meaning there are very FEW people checking requests, responding to requests, funding requests. And we are supported 100% by individual donations. There is not a large corporation backing us or any government funding. The only monies we have to give are those that have been donated. There are times when we will not be able to fund requests simply because we don't have the cash to do so.

We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. 
When to request assistance:
  • As soon as you know you need it. If you wait until you have received a shut off notice, eviction notice, repossession letter, etc. we may not have enough time to help.
  • BEFORE you identify that you're desperate.
  • When you have all the necessary documentation ready.
How to request assistance:
  • Click the box "Request Assistance" and complete the form. Include all the information you possibly can.
  • Email us at with and additional information with your name and "request for assistance" in the subject line
Tips to ensure your request is processed quickly:
  • Include everything that we would need with your request (proof of employment, lease documents, the bill you need paid). If you are requesting rent assistance we need to know where to send the payment AND we need notice from your landlord that a partial payment will stop the eviction process. 
  • Be accurate - your address, the address of the person we are paying, the amount, account numbers, etc. should all be double checked and accurate. If we have to double check things it slows down the process.
  • Identify how you will pay the remainder of the bill if we are unable to pay the entire portion. In most cases we cannot fund the entire request and in order to be good stewards of our donor's money we need to make sure that utilies won't be shut off or eviction notices served even with our partial payment.
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