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What is a "Big Fat Tip"?
Surprise gift in the mail
We receive nominations from family, friends, coworkers, employers, patrons who want their favorite person to receive a surprise in the mail. The nominee receives $100 check along with a note explaining why they were nominated and welcoming them to the table. Scroll below to find out how you can nominate a special staffer in the hospitality industry.
Surprise gift in person
Not only do we receive nominations for individual Big Fat Tips in the mail, we also receive nominations for locations that can use a Big Fat Tip. Maybe it's a team that pools their tips and the whole group could use something nice; maybe it's a spot that has recently reopened and could use a boost. Either way, scroll below to find out how you can get involved.
Click on the button below to nominate someone for a Big Fat Tip!
If you're nominating an individual to receive a surprise in the mail - please send over their address along with the reason for your nomination. We love to tell the person how great they are when we send out our Big Fat Tip so be specific!  

If you're nominating someone to receive an in person "Big Fat Tip" please let us know where they work and what their schedule is like so we know when to show up. And let us know why your nominee deserves this "Big Fat Tip."
Big Fat Tip
Big Fat Tip
$100 goes a long way for someone that is struggling to make ends meet. As we all know, COVID19 has hit the servers, bartenders, bussers, kitchen staff, etc hard; a surprise in the mail like this can be the difference between paying their bills or getting a shut off notice -- it can be the difference between going hungry or buying much needed groceries. 
"When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher wall"

Shout out to all of our Guerrilla Tippers out there -
handing out their own Big Fat Tips all over the country!! 

If you want to join the Guerrilla Tippers, head out to your favorite bar or restaurant and leave a Big Fat Tip - when you do write  #PutItOnPetesTab on the check, snap a picture of it and send it our way! We would love to know the name of the establishment but if you aren't comfortable with that, just tell us the city and state.  
Spread that love and build longer tables!
Put It On Pete's Tab, Inc.