Put It On Pete’s Tab was founded by three women that were very close to Pete; his friend Stephanie Shouse, his sister Emily Iafrate, and his girlfriend Kayla McCurry.

The three of us have all benefited from Pete’s generosity at one time or another and witnessed his generosity with others more often than not. Stephanie and Kayla are veterans of the hospitality industry having worked all over Southwest Florida in a variety of bars, restaurants and resorts on and off the islands. They have connections with this industry and know what needs to be done to make a difference. Emily has never worked in the industry but has been around it all her adult life and has often been an honorary employee of whatever restaurant Pete was working in at the time. Emily has a masters degree in Social Work and was mentored by a leader in the Grand Rapids, MI nonprofit community, Mary K Hoodhood, and watched her create a successful and thriving organization from scratch in 2002.

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The start of the official Pete's Crew!  Stephanie and Diana hit the streets to share our message, handing out brochures and business cards to local bars and restaurants so they know where to send their employees when help is needed.

If you want to join Pete's Crew, click the button below and send us an email with your availability and what you'd like to do. If you are super outgoing and want to hit the streets passing out info we need you! If you're great on the phone, we need you too! Pete's Crew needs members with all kinds of skills.


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