The hospitality industry is what keeps many of our communities surviving and thriving; those involved in this industry spend their days making their patrons feel special and taken care of and we believe we can do more to take care of them.

One in six restaurant workers lives below the poverty line, and less than 25% have access to employer sponsored insurance. “Affordable” health insurance plans have deductibles over $2000 with monthly premiums averaging $450. Couple those figures with an average hourly wage of $12.91 (tips included), lack of paid sick days and no retirement fund, you can see why the workers within the restaurant industry are often one crisis away from financial devastation.
We are here to help
In 2020, we assisted 73 families,
funding more than $46,000 in requests!!

Building longer tables

Through generous donations we are able to provide financial assistance to those in the restaurant industry that need a little help. We know that most workers in the hospitality industry are one paycheck away from financial devastation and that a bad night at work can be the difference between paying rent or not.


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