The hospitality industry is what keeps many of our communities surviving and thriving; those involved in this industry spend their days making their patrons feel special and taken care of and we believe we can do more to take care of them.

One in six restaurant workers lives below the poverty line, and less than 25% have access to employer sponsored insurance. “Affordable” health insurance plans have deductibles over $2000 with monthly premiums averaging $450. Couple those figures with an average hourly wage of $12.91 (tips included), lack of paid sick days and no retirement fund, you can see why the workers within the restaurant industry are often one crisis away from financial devastation.
We are here to help
Current Initiatives
"We would do anything to in the world to say this isn’t so, but as we all know, our beautiful Sarah had tragically paid the ultimate sacrifice for she and Mark’s gorgeous baby girl, Marah. Baby is healthy and so adorable, and very very loved. Mark will need help with many things and this whole family/friends village is here to offer anything we can."

Sarah was an integral part of the island she loved, an industry favorite at the top of her game as the executive chef at The Mad Hatter on Sanibel.

Please join us in sending all of our love, strength, and support to Mark, Adeline, Connor, and new baby Marah. And to the enormous island family that they were a part of. 

There is also a meal train for anyone local if you're able to donate and deliver a meal (link here) - Don't send a GrubHub card because they don't work on the island. You can however have other food delivered if you want to set it up yourself.

We've got an Amazon wishlist for other family necessities like diapers and formula, and school supplies for the older kids. (link here).  

On Saturday, August 6, a fire blazed through our beloved island shack leaving little behind. Fortunately, there were no injuries – people nor iguanas. It’s hard to believe our family-run operation that has served meals for over six million people in 20 years, surviving a major oil spill, multiple devasting hurricanes, and a global pandemic was destroyed in a matter of minutes.  
will you rally with us to #HelptheHerd and give back to our employees and their families who desperately need support until they can get back on their feet? With 50 employees, the goal is to raise enough to cover their immediate expenses while we help connect them to new employers so they can begin providing for their families again. The Podlasek family will match every donation, dollar for dollar up to $10,000 which will have a profound impact in the lives of our hardworking staff.
In 2020, we assisted 73 families,
funding more than $46,000 in requests!!

Building longer tables

Through generous donations we are able to provide financial assistance to those in the restaurant industry that need a little help. We know that most workers in the hospitality industry are one paycheck away from financial devastation and that a bad night at work can be the difference between paying rent or not.


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